If you’re not too overdosed on Super Bowl ads, we have one more for you to evaluate. After receiving more than a couple of emails regarding this current television spot for BMW of Bellevue, we want to know what YOU think about it. What message do you think the spot is trying to deliver? Make your comments in the box provided below, or send to larrycoffman@frontier.com and we’ll share them with the visitors to the site.           —LC


  1. Good morning, Larry.
    My initial response to the Bellevue BMW TV spot was, “total non-sequitur”. However, upon further reflection, I became angry that it represents and perpetuates much of what is wrong with civil discourse in the country today. What marketing benefit or relevance does a coach driving his car on the football field, arguing with a ref and then trashing the drink table and various other props have to do with any benefits or attributes of the automobile. This would have been a better presentation and upgrade to a Maaco spot! Additionally, it further gives credence and permission to parents to be assholes during sporting events of their offspring. This was a total failure to sell me a BMW.

  2. Dick Paetze sent this note: “Rick, thanks for the recall. It sent me off to find my own well-worn list of Fond Memories. It’s been folded and stuffed into my mental wallet, taken out, re-read and refolded so many times that it’s now scruffed up, fuzzy and hard to read, but here’s what I can still make out on it:
    Playland, the Coon Chicken Inn, the parrot in the Security Market, Clark’s Red Carpet, the Owl Drugstore across from the late Bon Marche, the Mirabeau, The Embassy Theater’s TRIPLE features, the Rainier Brewery where I worked on the bottle line, Manning’s Cafeteria, thje Pit Barbecue, Lincoln and Queen Anne High Schools and Haller Lake Elementary where I started the first grade in 1937, the Benjamin Franklin Hotel, the Guadalajara, the Greyhound Bus Depot, the bar at Ben Paris, the Triple X “Barrel,” the Rathskeller, Art Louie’s, the Hungry Turtle and music by Bacon, Lettuce & Tomato, and …oh, what the heck, it looks like half this list has gone missing somewhere…dang!”

  3. The dealership is owned by Auto Nation. When Barrier Motors sold their four dealerships to them in 2014, Stanton & Everybody helped with the transition, having worked with Barrier for twenty years. I can say with certainty that Auto Nation’s internal marketing people were among the top three most inept clients I have ever experienced. It took days to get answers to simple questions. They would request information and we would forward it, only to have them request the same thing several times having never looked in their emails. And the higher up the food chain you went in the marketing department the more inept it got.
    So someone in that department said “yes” to this idiotic ad. So it makes complete sense to me.

  4. This commercial is an embarrassment to BMW and to anyone who has bought one in Bellevue. It takes a very weak premise (if you can even say that it has one), and says nothing about the car and its characteristics (other than obnoxious people drive one?). It certainly would not “drive” me to want to buy one in Bellevue, pun intended. Sorry guys, but you need to go back to the drawing board and think about why someone would want to drive a BMW, and why they should buy one in Bellevue.