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• MARKETING: Introduced in 1986, this tab newspaper is in its third decade of publication and has been called “the voice of the marcomm community” in the Puget Sound area of Washington State. It’s published bi-monthly and contains timely and informative articles and features on the work of both agencies and clients in the marcomm field.
• MARKETING ATLAS: Introduced in 1991, this guide to the leading suppliers in the marcomm community celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2016. The contents are online at www.themarketingatlas.com. You can order a copy of this $5 keepsake edition by emailing larrycoffman@frontier.com. The Nov./Dec., 2017 issue of MARKETING will reintroduce the 2018 ATLAS in a revised format.
• MARKETING IMMORTALS: Introduced in 2007, this pantheon of notable local marcomm professionals has grown to more than 50. It’s designed to preserve the career memories of the inductees for the benefit of prospective and current practitioners and to have significant educational and historical value. The bios and commentaries of the inductees are at www.marketingimmortals.com.
• MARKETING AWARDS: Introduced in 2011, this annual competition is aimed at recognizing the best creative work by marcomm professionals in Washington State.The unique evaluation process involves voting by a seven-member National Panel, an 11-member local Awards Committee and online visitors. To our knowledge, this is the only awards competition of its kind in the world to be conducted online. Entries are received during February and March of each year and THE EVENT, where all winners are announced, is held the fourth week in May. See www.marketingnwawards.com.
www.marketingnw.com: The enhanced website was introduced in January, 2017 and features timely news and information of interest to marcomm professionals, both within and outside the Puget Sound area. It also contains Special Elements intended to add to the stickiness of the site, as well as content from the newspaper and links to the other products listed above.
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