That’s a phrase we’re all too familiar with, on the heels of the election season, and it’s the job that lies ahead for the “new” MARKETING and the enhanced website.

As niche business-to-business publishers, we have the advantage over consumer and niche consumer publications in terms of the degree of difficulty in reaching our intended audience. Hence, our long-time mantra: “It’s more important to reach the people who count than to count the people you reach (as consumer publications must do).”

However, the job of energizing our audience (i.e., the marcomm community) is every bit as challenging as it is for any other kind of publication—especially in this era of “engagement” amidst a myriad of media.

It’s fair to say that the focus for the first 30 years of our existence has been primarily on those who are vendors of marcomm products—across the spectrum, from advertising and design to commercial printing and the media. Going forward, we want to engage more fully with the folks who buy those products, namely the corporate chief marketing officers (CMOs) in our audience.

On the enhanced website, we’ve added six Special Elements, aimed at increasing the “stickiness”—as well as the substance—of the site. Participation by CMOs in the RFP Register is especially critical. We’re aware that it’ll take time to develop this element, but we’re prepared to persevere because of its potential value. Likewise, we’re counting on the vendors as the primary source of listings for the Job Board. We welcome those looking for work to post their resumes there, as well.

All those listed in the CMO Roll Call have received a personal mailing that stressed the importance of their particiation in both the website and the newspaper. And the new CMOpinions column on Page 6 affords CMOs the opportunity to share their perspectives on a range of timely marketing topics.

As the story on Page 3 announces, we also will initiate a series of Happy Hour gatherings, sponsored by Point It Digital Marketing, aimed at adding to networking opportunities for the marcomm community. And Point It also has joined us in conducting TweetChats the last Friday of each month, featuring a leading local marcomm professional. The first of these was February 24, with Ted Leonhardt as the guest expert, and we encourage you to take part in future chats.

All, of course, is aimed at “energizing the base”—to our mutual benefit….             —LC