MARKETING’s ‘Remarkable’ Thirty Years


Some remarkable things have occurred in the three decades since the debut of MARKETING newspaper in October of 1986. To wit:

• The personal-publishing model that we pioneered proved highly successful, in competition with the traditional pyramidal model. It relies on having a publisher who can handle both the sales and editorial responsibilities—keeping a firm dividing line between the two.

  Niche publishing was in its infancy in 1986, and we capitalized on that opportunity by finding other personal publishers to join our Niche Newspapers Group—namely Paul Casey of MATURING, Alf Collins or Professional AGENDA and Doug Dix of COMMUNICATING, all of whom enjoyed years of success.

• Another concept that we pioneered—and that was poo-pooed at the outset—was calling on marcomm professionals to author contributed articles in their areas of expertise and experience. That approach continues to be a rousing success and is now commonplace in similar publications.

• Our initial competition was The Monthly, owned by Todd Bitts, which folded in 1989. Soon thereafter came Media, Inc., which  Rich Woltjer evolved from his Aperture Northwest publication and later sold to Jim Baker—my friendly competitor for most of those three decades. Jim and I both are proud of the fact that no one saw fit to enter a market already dominated by the two of us. And we also agree that there’s not room for three of anything in a particular niche—whether it newspapers, radio formats or the like. Baker, a couple years ago, cut the frequency of Media, Inc., to a quarterly and recently returned the focus to its film/video/audio roots—leaving the marcomm realm to MARKETING.

• Melissa will focus on enhancing and expanding the website, as explained in her bylined article on page 1, and spearheading production of the two specialty publications in 2017.

She comes well-prepared for that assignment, having run Seattle magazine for 12 years, along with creating new monthly and custom publications there.

I’ll be focusing on providing timely content for the enhanced website, as well as the print publications that have been the bedrock of the MARKETING brand (also see Transition Time item).              

My ‘Thank-You’ List

By Larry Coffman

I‘m fond of reminding all who care that none of this fun we’ve been having the past 30 years would have been possible without a loyal cadre of advertisers.

Foremost among these is the Bayless family, beginning with father George, who was the first to sign on, way back in 1986 (see his first ad above). But even more remarkable is the fact that his sons, Bob and Tip, continued to advertise after they bought dad out and rebranded Bayless Bindery as Puget Bindery, thus laying claim as the only advertiser to appear in all 301 issues to date!

Also notable is the fact that ColorGraphics/Cenveo has anchored the back page since the February 2005 issue, via my contact those 11 years, Lynn Keel. A long list of regular and frequent advertisers (with the names of my contacts) over the past three decades. accompanies this article on the website.

I acknowledged the hundreds of marcomm pros who have contributed their time and expertise to provide the bulk of the editorial content over the years in the main article, but I’d like to reiterate my deep appreciation here.

The list of regular columnists over the years reads like a Who’s Who in the local marcomm community: Bob English, Pat Cashman, Vic Stredicke, Julie Blacklow, Linda McCune and Don Riggs (broadcast)  Bill Fritsch, Rod Brooks and Dan Japhet (advertising/marketing), Jerry Monti. Larry Sivitz and Steve Lawson (digital/social media) and Kim Kimmy (general-interest).

Thanks also to Bob Valentine and Bruce Walker at Valco Graphics for helping us launch, and to the four fine printers who followed: John Murray at Murray Publishing, John Hughes at Hughes Publishing Center, Roxann Van Wyk at The Herald in Everett and Josh O’Connor at Sound Publishing.

A most sincere “thank you” to all. —LC

Multi-Year/Issue MARKETING Advertisers

Bayless/Puget Bindery • George, Bob & Tip Bayless

13 Coins Jeannie Boyce

AAA Printing  John Madden

A&A Printing Art Matni

Adpro Litho Chris Smith

AdServices Jenny Morelli 

American Image Displays Herb Cartmell

Aperture Companies Marty Loken

Artcraft Printing Dean Douma

AT&T Doug Dix

Atomic Press  David Bethlahmy

Bad Animals/Seattle Wendy Wills

Benham Studios Maria Benham

BIGink John Scholl

BlackWing Creative/Hodgson•Meyers Gary Meyers

Bordeaux Photography Len Bordeaux

Bonanza Solutions  Rich Norris

Bright Spectrum  Chidozie Bright

Capitol City Press Mike Eisenmann

Capture Randy Allbritton

City University Christy Cox

Clatter & Din Peter Barnes

ColorGraphics/Cenveo  Lynn Keel

Comcast Spotlight Whitney Joly

Common Sense Publishing Jerry Monti

Continental Press Don Calfee

Consolidated Press  Gary Stone & Kandy Hruby

Contacts Influential Charlie Fleischmann

Copacino+Fujikado  Jim Copacino

Craters of the Moon Kevin Nolan

Dave Raynor Productions Dave Raynor

David Strong Design Group David Strong

Digicolor Tom Martin

Eagle Web Press Cal Borman

Eastside Printing Jerry Neth

Eben Design Eben Tobias Greene

Emerald City Graphics Herb Blackinton

ESP Printing Dave Cook

Fleetfoot Messenger Service  Gary Brose

Forde Motion Picture Studio Ed Watton

GA Creative Wally Lloyd

Gage Design William Gage

Gilmore Research Sue Black

GMA Research  Don Morgan

Golden Pacific Embossing Chuck Estes

Graphic Impressions Craig Robinson

Gravity Design Barbara Coombs

The Hacker Group Bob Hacker

Heath Printers Dan Sturgeon

Hemlock Printers Fritz Kouwenhoven

Herring-Newman Phil Herring

Hornall Anderson Christina Arbini

Hunt Marketing Group  Brian Hunt

Hydrogen Advertising Bill Fritsch

Intersection  Pamela Quadros

John Brown & Partners John Brown

Jones Advertising  Mark Jones

JRMP Kurt Jacobsen

KBSG Radio Chuck Maylin

The Kingdome Carol Keaton

Kostov & Associates Michael Kostov

KMPS Fred Schumacher

KOMO-TV Janene Drafs

KUOW-FM John Robert Hill

KVI Radio Shannon Sweatte

KXRX Radio Steve West

Liberty Studio Don Perkins

LithoColor Jackie Lewis Ward

Litho Craft  Gary Cone

Lola Hallowell Talent Agency Lola Hallowell

Mailhandlers Jewell Rhodes

Manus Direct Craig Volweiler

Marketry  Norm & Greg Swent

Marra Photography Ben & Linda Marra

Martin Lithograph Bruce Martin

Mastercraft Steve Koontz

McDonald Recording Karen McDonald

McNamara Signs  Mike McNamara

Mogelgaard & Associates Mike Mogelgaard

Molin/Cutler Milt Cutler

NBBJ Kelly Collier

Nikkomedia  Pat Monks & John Teeny

Olympus Press  Glenn Blue

Outbound Calling Sara Bogle

Paragon Media George Ricci

Potter & Associates Steve Potter

PPI Association  Jules Van Sant

Printery Communications Mike Kenna

Printex Printing Frances Rogers

Printing Control  Randy Coplen & Carl Vonder Haar

Print Management Tim O’Leary

PrintWest Phil Parrish

Production Partners John Douthwaite

Pure Audio Paul Goldberg

Quality Trade Service Gene Gowan

Quesinberry & Associates  Wendy Quesinberry

remerinc Dave Remer

Robinson Communications Ken & Tim Robinson

RocketDog Communications  Michael Elliott

Ron Wilbur Advertising Ron Wilbur

Scanner John Ersfeld

School of Visual Concepts Larry Asher & Linda Hunt

Seattle ImageSetting Chuck Cantellay

Sierra Media Daniel Cardenas

SmithWalker Design Jeff Smith

Sound Publishing   Josh O’Connor & Stephen Barrett

Sparky Taft & Associates Sparky Taft

Spicers Paper David Cristy

Springs Printing Don Andrews

Stanton & Everybody Rick Stanton 

Stella Color/Communicolor NW Lynn Krinsky

Strategic Media Alighment  Dan Japhet

Tabs To Go Dan Lane

Talking Dog Media Lisa Khatib

Team Guilliatt Larry Guilliatt

Telemation Lance Kyed

Thomas & Kennedy John Thomas

Tri-Graphics Tom Hubbard

TrojanLitho Bruce Hutcheon

Valco Graphics Bruce Walker & Bob Valentine

Victory Studios Conrad Denke

Washington Newspaper Publishers Association Mike Fry

WCP Solutions  Jim Baumgardt & Steve Cole

Wescan Joe Grande

Williams • Helde Marc Williams

Wy’east Grant Cummings

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