Bob Walsh Remembered


Can it be a year since Bob Walsh died unexpectedly during a trip to his beloved Republic of Georgia? While waiting for those of us who loved the guy to come up with a fitting physical memorial, his former colleagues at One World Now!, which he helped found, have begun a Bob Walsh Legacy Fund. Their message said:

“It’s been a year since OneWorld Now!’s founding Board Member Bob Walsh’s untimely passing. Bob served on the board for 15 years and remained a steadfast supporter of developing today’s youth through international education.

‘Bob was a catalyst for goodness throughout his life and he continues to be.’ – Jill Dougherty, OneWorld Now! Board Member

’He was an inspiration and a guiding light for so many.  The legacy fund will help to keep his memory alive so that we can continue to learn from Bob’s unselfish contribution to a better world.’ – Wally Pereyra, Friend of Bob

“OneWorld Now! is proud to continue his legacy by fostering intercultural understanding in Seattle and internationally through the Bob Walsh Legacy Fund. To date, we have raised just over $10,000. The fund enables low-income high school students to experience OneWorld Now! language classes, leadership workshops and summer study abroad programs.

“On the anniversary of Bob’s passing, we have begun identifying the first group of students to be named Bob Walsh Legacy scholars. These students exhibit qualities that Bob would surely appreciate: outstanding leadership in sports, entrepreneurship, media and building bridges, and a demonstrated passion for pursuing one’s dreams. The 2018 scholars will be announced at our upcoming Get Global Conference, Saturday, April 21, 2018.

“OneWorld Now! deeply misses Bob, though we are proud to have his spirit live on in our enduring mission to develop the next generation of global leaders.

“Please consider supporting more young people to achieve the extraordinary.”                                                                                     —LC