Transition To Greater Print-Web Tie

Beautiful woman with white loudspeaker, business icons behind her. Front view. Concrete background. Concept of sharing information.
By Melissa Coffman

First of all, be assured that my dad isn’t “hanging ’em up” just yet, but there is a gradual transition in store for 2017.

Four MARKETING issues in 2017 will be in the familiar format.  And  the July-Aug.  and  Nov.-Dec. issues will provide a preview of things to come in 2018, format-wise.

The July-Aug. issue will be a glossy wrapup of the MARKETING Awards winners, and the Nov.-Dec. issue will be the 2018 ATLAS, in a new and exciting format that’s still in the planning stage.

A highlight of the enhanced website will be the posting of news, as it occurs, rather than every two months, after it has appeared in the print publication.

We also will be curating marcomm-related content from all available sources, since the worldwide web is just that. The focus of the content, however, will continue to be on news and information from the Puget Sound area.

An important development will be  the new emphasis on the client, or corporate, side of our audience in the editorial coverage, both on the website and in the print publications.

Introduction of the enhanced site on January 1, 2017, will include the several Special Elements described in the accompanying article; two of the most important of those involve the client side.

The CMO Roll Call will have the names of the chief marketing officers of more than 100 public and private companies through Washington State, and the RFP Register will rely first and foremost on the CMOs to provide us with their Requests for Proposals to post on the website.

The other Special Elements  will include the Book Mart, Job Mart and Current Question? (see ‘Sticky’ Elements below).

Another unique aspect of the 2017 offering will be the presentation of advertising in both the newspaper and on the website. Full-, half- and quarter-page print ads placed in the publications will appear in a similar format on the website, on a rotational basis. This will be explained more fully to advertisers in the combo-rate card.

And, in what may be another first, we will conduct bidding for sponsorship of the Special Elements and the website itself, after January 1, when everyone has had an opportunity to view the enhanced site and the Special Elements.

Finally, we’ll have a renewed and sustained emphasis on social-media engagement involving every aspect of the MARKETING brand, from the website and print content, to the  annual Awards and the IMMORTALS pantheon.

As in the past three decades, your interest and support are paramount, going forward.

‘Sticky’ Elements

Wikipedia says ‘sticky content’ refers to content published on a website that has the purpose of getting a user to return to that particular website or hold their attention and get them to spend longer periods of time at that site.”

That’s the precise purpose of the several  Special Elements that we will introduce on the enhanced website, beginning January 2. They include:

CMO Roll Call: This important addition (see depiction above) will list the names of the chief marketing officers of more than 100 of the largest public and private corporations throughout Washington State. All will receive MARKETING newspaper and be encouraged to engage with both the  website and newspaper.

  RFP Register: This will rely first and foremost on the CMOs to provide us with their Requests for Proposals to post on the website. This feature will take time to grow and mature, but it’s sure to eventually become a compelling elements.

  Book Mart: This is the place for self-publishers of marcomm-related books to post their masterpieces—and perhaps even offer a discount to those who purchase a copy as a result of seeing it on the Book Mart. The posting will include the cover and an ample description of the contents. And the cover of each book posted will rotate in the Book Mart “window” on the homepage.

Job Mart: We hope this will become THE marcomm community’s employment bulletin board—whether you‘re hiring, or looking for a job. Agency and client-side users alike will be encouraged to participate.

  Current Question? Timely questions of relevance to the marcomm community will be posed weekly, and results from the previous week will be reported when the new question is posted.

Sponsorship opportunities for each of these elements will be explained more fully on the website and will offered on a bid basis, after January 1.